The granddaughter of the Meiji Emperor, Princess Kaoru Nakamaru spent her early childhood in the Forbidden Castle in China. While at Columbia University and in graduate school, she furthered her research into international politics and since 1970, as a journalist, has interviewed kings and presidents, prime ministers and business people from many countries, and has given speeches, written books, and appeared on television as a commentator on international political affairs. In 1973, she was acclaimed in the U.S. magazine, Newsweek, as the “World’s No.1 interviewer,” and the Washington Post described her as “one of those rare women in the world with an outstanding international sensitivity.”
Later, she was producer, director, and interviewer of her own Japan/U.S. talk show, for which she traveled to war-torn areas around the world and carried out positive discussions with the heads of state of those countries. Among those were Colonel Gadhafi of Libya and then-president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein--figures that were considered hostile by the West. Nakamaru even covered the frontlines during the Iran-Iraq War (1980-88) and video taken of it was shown to President Hussein who suggested that the war be immediately halted. The images of her broadcast on TV pressing President Hussein with the question “Why is this war being continued?” and asking Colonel Gadhafi, “Are you really a terrorist?” drew strong reactions. From those experiences, she exerted her energy into “personal diplomacy,” serving as a go-between among warring countries, using her own funds.
In order to finance her “personal diplomacy,” she bears all expenses. Kaoru’s network of contacts include many “big names” of whom the staff at TV stations say “Even with our connections, there is no way we can approach these people,” and this is linked to the fact that Kaoru, who is not affiliated with any organization, travels the world at her own expense and as a private citizen. Saddam Hussein, Moammar Gadhafi, top North Korean leaders, and other important figures that western journalists are unable to meet, talk with her-- the main reason being “Princess Nakamaru is not a person who is moved by personal motives and so we considered a meeting with her.”
In response to her personal diplomacy Kaoru established the “International Affairs Institute for World Peace” in New York in 1985, and in 1991, the “Following the Sun Association” was organized for people aspiring toward peace. In doing so, royalty and presidents from various countries as well as cultural figures signed their names to the statement, “I endorse all of your activities,” and these people have been welcomed as advisers and special members. Accordingly, this began in earnest a movement of enlightenment in which the realization of a “one world” policy where the “path of life” is based on mutual understanding and trust, and not on a “one world” policy where the “path of power” is based on military power and tension. Since her days as an interviewer, she has so far traveled to as many as 186 countries.
Nakamaru’s aim is for a “world peace through human renaissance. Wealth, fame, power do not make humans happy, as true happiness is borne from a heart filled with love, harmony, and peace. When there is peace within the hearts of each person, from VIPs to average citizens, then world peace is realized. The phrase ”one world” mistakenly conjures up a religious movement, but Nakamaru has absolutely no religion ties. Nakamaru believes in a religion of her own, but does not belong to any group, saying that “The world transcends all the many religions, races, ideologies so there cannot be just one.
As for her personal life, in 1966 she married Tadao Nakamaru, an actor who worked with Toshiro Mifune. She has a son and a daughter.
In addition, she has maintained a close friendship with South Korea through its former prime minister, Kim Jong-Pil, and with North Korea through the late Kim Il Sung as well as Kim Yong Sun the Secretary of North Korea’s Worker Party (who died in 2003 in a car accident), and has strived to improve relations between Japan and both Koreas as a bridge between the Japanese and Korean governments by bringing about the temporary return of a Japanese woman while at the same time acting as a mediator in bringing about a summit meeting between South and North Korea.
Kaoru Nakamaru  


with King Hussein of Jordan

with President Saddam Hussein of Iraq

with Colonel Kadhafi of Libya


with President Ford of USA

with Gregory Peck

with Steven Spielberg


with Isaac Asimov

with John K. Galbraith

with Herbert von Karajan


with Aristotle Onassis

with Pierre.Cardin

with Ingreid Bergman

□1963Upon graduating from Columbia University and the Graduate School’s
Department of International Politics and East Asian Research Center, traveled around the world learning through experience the flow of politics, economics, and culture
□1971Published her first work "Diplomacy with America, Diplomacy with China." (Simul Press)
Fusing academicism and journalism, it was acclaimed as a practical handbook.
□1973 Began an interview talk show “Kaoru Nakamaru, The World’s Movers” (on Television Tokyo and 36 affiliates nationwide)
□1974Became a member of the Ministry of Trade and Industry Council (for 4 terms, 8 years)
□1975Was awarded the Decoration of Independence from King Hussein of Jordan. Published "Following the Sun - The Autobiography of Kaoru Nakamaru." (Bungei Shunju, Tokyo)
□1980Became an adviser to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Japan Center for Inter- cultural Communications)
□1983At the invitation of President Saddam Hussein, stayed in Iraq for one month. Duringthat time, with the presidential plane at her disposal, she proceeded to the frontlines of the Iran-Iraq war and observed young Iranian prisoners of war.
Videotaping their plight, she showed the tape later to President Hussein who then petitioned for the immediate end to the fighting.
□1983 “Following the Sun,” an interview show began broadcasting on PBS, which had a 380-station network. In a dialogue with Libya’s leader, Moammar Gadhafi, he stated that, “I am against America’s political policies, but I maintain good feelings toward America itself. I am prepared to talk with America.” There was pressure to excise this pronouncement from the network, but using her own funds, she bought this program herself and showed it with the problem scenes intact.
□1985“The International Affairs Institute for World Peace” was recognized as a foundation by the U.S. government.
□1987Made television appearances and speeches while based in New York
□1989 Organized the first “World Peace International Symposium,” held at the Plaza Hotel in New York. The previous day Nakamaru gave a speech about the concept of the symposium at the United Nations. At a press conference, she received the endorsement of over 100 countries. A few days later, Nakamaru received a visit from a special envoy from Kim Il Jong who sent a message saying that “It is truly wonderful that a private citizen can sponsor a symposium like that. Next time, please invite our country too.” This was the start of her relations with North Korea.
□1989 Invited as a state guest to the former Soviet Union for two weeks
□1994Established the “Following the Sun Association” in Tokyo, which aimed toward “a world peace through human renaissance.”
□1994In July, made her first visit to North Korea as a guest of Kim Il-Sung, the leader of the country. Three days before a private interview, unexpectedly, Kim Il-Sung passed away and footage taken of the situation within the city of Pyongyang was used on NHK, South Korea’s KBC, CNN, among others and refuted rumors of a coup d’etat that circulated in the West. Following that, through Kim Jong-Il and Kim Yong Sun,
General Secretary of the Worker Party, her exchanges with North Korea deepened as she strived to have a Japanese woman return for temporary visit to her country as well as realizing a summit between South and North Korea.
□1995At the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York, held the “Conference on the Vision for the 21st Century and Religion,” in which 1,000 religious figures from around the world gathered.
□1996Invited to North Korea as a state guest for one month.
□1997Concentrated on speeches and writing in Japan. From this time until 2009, she has published 40 books.
□1998In February, visited Iraq in order to avert air bombardment by the U.S. military. She met with the head of the Iraqi government.
In March, she was invited as a state guest
□1998Published “Kaoru Nakamaru’s World Report,” an official publication from the “Following the Sun Association.”
□2000Invited to the “Ceremony Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Iranian Revolution” as a state guest and delivered a keynote speech
□2004Was selected for inclusion into the American Biographical Institute’s “Great Women of the 21st Century” and “Great Minds of the 21st Century,” the world’s most authoritative listing. In addition, she was selected for the U.K.’s International Biographical Centre’s “2,000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century.”
□2008Established the Institute for International Problems. Published “World Report for International Affairs on official publication monthly.
□2009 By Using SKYPE, Princess Kaoru giving Speeches to US & Europe etc. with large audience.
□2012 Visiting North Korea and met most important figure to discuss world peace, and North & South issue to promote.
□2013 Planning to conduct International Symposium throughout world for the sake of world peace based on human spiritual revival.
□2014 Invited to London as a guest speaker of New Humanity Movement &Rising Earth Event
□2015 Invited to Los Angeles as a guest speaker of Survival of Humanity

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